About Coagent International

COAGENT INTERNATIONAL was established in New Zealand in 2006 but with its main offices then being Ningbo, China. It is now a part of a Hong Kong company, Breadmore International Cable Co. Ltd., and runs as a Sourcing and Supply company for products manufactured in mainland China. Our main office is now in Shanghai but we have regional Sales offices in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Spain.

Initially Coagent was established to source Telecommunication and associated products but over the years this has grown to include many other industrial materials including Diesel Engines, Fertilizers, Kitchen Equipment and Non-woven fabrics, while still keeping the original themes of Telecommunications and Cables, of all types.

In Shanghai we employ both British and Chinese staff so we are well placed for negotiations with the local suppliers as well as translation and factory visits.

We aim to offer our customers the best possible service in locating the materials they need, whatever these maybe (within limits) from quality manufacturers, most of who will hold ISO Certification. In the majority of instances we will have already visited the companies and their manufacturing processes so we are certain the whatever you require comes from the actual manufacturers and that their facilities meet international standards.

In addition to this service we also carry out

  • Pricing negotiations together with Technical back-up (Data Sheets)
  • Obtaining and shipping samples, if required
  • Factory visits, prior to ordering and during manufacture
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Consolidation of consignments and other Forwarding requirements
  • Any other actions necessary for smooth functioning of orders.

So whatever your requirements COAGENT can assist you by making your International Purchasing from China as simple and safe as possible.

We work on the principle that Service is the Key and the premise of “CONNECT WITH US